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DD&TW 2018


True to its tradition, the weather at the Upper Keys Sailing Club during the Dead Dogs & Tin Whistles regatta was WINDY and cool to the Floridians and Alabamans, but warm for the contingent from Maryland and Virginia(Bucc teams)!

Participation was lower than in previous years, not sure what the reason, but if the fleets were smaller, they were certainly high quality sailors! Four Mutineers were present: host Ginette Hughes (me), on Wing with guest skipper Sam Domaratzki from Canada (felt like summer time to him!), Matt Dalton (Tampa Sailing Squadron) on new-to-him Super Chicken with guest skipper Susan Wilson from AL, Dave and Zach Tonkin (Tampa Sailing Squadron) on Kraken, the newest Mutineer IN THE WORLD, and Bryan Gales and Cathy Martin (Tampa Sailing Squadron) on Kemosabe. Six Buccaneers made the trek: Jeff Neurauter and Heather Howard on American Spirit (DC), Rick Scarborough (AL) and Amy Domaratzki (Canada) on Sanguine, Jimmy Yurko and Gian (MD) on Wasabi, Erik Gyorgy and Jennifer Marbourg-Miller (MD) on Christopher Dragon, Scott Patterson and Priscilla Bradley (MD) on an unnamed Bucc, and Frank Patch & LeAnn Noe
(VA) on Passing Wind.

On Friday, a front delayed the start of the Race Around Porjoe. Canadian Sam and his brother Riley took Wing out earlier in the day just to get some sailing in, and returned to the dock with a separated centerboard trunk! I had done a makeshift repair after replacing the CB trunk gasket, using only a few stainless steel screws instead of a million rivets to hold the top to the bottom. Under the stress of the mainsheet block, the aft end of the CB trunk just lifted up. So Wing was out of the racing for that day. Teams Kraken and Kemosabe didn’t arrive in time for the Porjoe Race, so Matt and Susan elected to practice their tacks and jibes rather than go around the island. Before they went out, Ginette asked Matt to take a look at Wing’s issue, and a quick trip to the local hardware store, a scavenger hunt in the Club’s Quonset hut, a reinforcing brace and 36 stainless steel screws later, Wing’s CB trunk was fastened on like nobody’s business. It will take a lot more than 15 kts to make that thing come apart now. Thanks Matt! It’s good to have engineer friends!

Four Buccaneers launched in the sporty conditions and took about an hour to go around Porjoe. Jimmy Yurko on Wasabi took home the Captain Morgan trophy, doing a respectable, ALMOST horizon job on the competition!

Saturday’s weather was brisk and breezy, forecast to come down as the day wore on. Six Buccaneers and four Mutineers sailed out to the course. Knowing that Sunday’s forecast was going to be really windy, Race Committee got in five races so we could have our throw-out. The sailing in the Mutineer fleet was close. Most of the mark roundings had all four boats within reasonable distance of each other. Wing was the only non-spinnaker boat but managed to maintain the lead on one downwind leg. Don’t know what went wrong with the other boats, but I was happy to have that brief moment of glory!

In the Buccaneer fleet, the racing was also close. At the end of the day, only one point separated the top three contenders!

Sunday brought chillier temps and brisker breezes out of the North, approaching 18 kts. Ginette declined to take Wing out in those conditions, as the boat tends to start spitting out crucial parts at 18 kts. Team Kraken was willing to go out but Team Super Chicken were happy to stay warm in the clubhouse (hmm…dare I say it…chickened out?), so no Mutineers raced that day.

Team Kraken and Team Super Chicken duked it out throughout the regatta, with Team Kraken prevailing in the end by only 1 point! Fun fact: Susan told Matt that she thought Super Chicken was very appropriate, because the boat had nearly been named “Wet Hen” when she first got it! I guess that boat was destined to have a chicken name! Team Kemosabe and Team Wing were consistent in their third and fourth place finishes, and again, all the boats were within a reasonable distance of each other even at the finishes.

With the outcome so close in the Buccaneer fleet, the top three contenders and a gung ho new skipper went out on Sunday. Race committee did three windward-leeward races and it was a battle fought down the last finish of the last race. In the end it was tied between Jeff Neurauter and Jimmy Yurko, with Jeff’s third bullet breaking the tie!

A great time was had by everyone. Ginette spoke to Matt about having the TSS Mutineer fleet come down for an invitational “Field Trip” to UKSC later in the spring. Stay tuned!

Mutineer (all had the first race of Sunday’s race as their throwout)
Team Kraken: 2,1,1,1,2 = 7 pts
Team Super Chicken: 1,2,2,2,1 = 8 pts
Team Kemosabe: 3,3,3,4,3 = 16 pts
Team Wing: 4,4,4,3,4 = 19 pts

Team American Spirit: 1,3,1,2,2,2,1,(4) = 12
Team Wasabi: 2,2,2,(5),1,1,2,2 = 12
Team Christopher Dragon: (3), 1,3,1,2,3,3,1 = 15
Team No Name: 4,(5),5,3,5,4,4,3 = 26
Team Sanguine: 5,4,4,4,4,(7),7,7 = 35
Team Passing Wind: 6,6,6,6,6,(7),7,7 = 44