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The Mutineer Class Association is a proud member of US Sailing.


Mutineer Sail Logos

First Chrysler Logo 1971, red cannonball on a black cannon. 

Second Chrysler Logo circa 1973.  Fuse added to cannon.

Third Chrysler Sail logo circa 1977-1979.  Cannon becomes red and the cannonball black.  "Open" cannon on top of cannonball.  Removed fuse and added cascabel to breech.

Fourth Chrylser 1980.  A large letter C "aiming" a small cannon.  First single color sail logo.

The fifth sail logo was produced by Texas Marine International, 1980-1982.  They copied Chrysler's fourth logo replacing the "C" for Chrysler with "T" for TMI.

An original, later sail based on the sail number.  It appears TMI removed the T and just went with the cannon which first appeared in 1980 on a Chrysler sail.

Close up of the TMI cannon.

Wellcraft produced the sixth sail logo in 1982.  Much like Chrysler's third logo only with a single color.

Gloucester Yachts produced the seventh sail logo in 1985.  Very close to Chrysler's first logo with a cascabel added to the breech.

The eighth and perhaps final sail logo.  This newest logo was changed with Dick Gibb's permission.  The logo was designed by Vince Bobroski, a long time Mutineer owner, in collaboration with the Mutineer Class Association's Executive Committee in 2005.  For the first time the cannonball is "shooting" out of the cannon.