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Boat Information

Original Chrysler Manual.  Click here to access a copy of the original Chrysler Mutineer manual.

Mutineer TimelineClick here to view the evolution of the Mutineer over time.

When was she built?  Click here to download our Guide to Determining Your Mutineer's Age.  This guide will help you figure out who built her and when she was built.  Once you have that information, please take just a minute to document your Mutineer in our Mutineer Inventory, click here.

What sail number should she have?  Determining the sail number for your Mutiuneer is not a clear cut process, unless of course you have a new Nickles Mutineer!  The following is a conversation with Gib Charles.  Gib is a many time Class National Champion and Class Historian:

I like sail numbers that indicate the relative age of the boat, or generation.  The hull numbers don’t always do that.  (Wellcraft started all over again, and I was told they numbered all the sailboats that came out of their factory in sequence, not just each model.  It looks like TMI started over with 101XX.)  I picked sail number 515 for my 1983 Wellcraft because that was the actual hull number (WEL D 0515 M83B-15).  Now I wish I had numbered it #5515, the 5XXX indicating a generation.
Correlating somewhat with what we see in the database on the Yahoo site, I’d suggest:
Texas Marine International (TMI)
The Chrysler and TMI sail numbers in the database share 4300 – 4600, so it’s hard to draw a line between those generations, but going forward I would suggest 4500 as a generational division of sail numbers.

Nickels was deliberate in starting over with a new “thousand” that we were confident hadn’t been used before.

Mutineer drawings.  Do you need to know the sail size?  Spinnaker pole specifications?  How about the size of your mast?  Click here to view and download a PDF file that will answer these questions and much more.

Mutineer specifications.  Click here to view the design specifications.