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DD&TW 2017 

DDTW is in the books! 5 boats raced (4 from TSS)! We had a chance to sail with the National Champion again, but early structural issues made us wait till Sunday to have a few races with him (they snapped their centerboard off on WNG, I'm sure that was interesting).


UKL with Matt and Dan

FRC with Dave and Ray

CAV with Katie and LJ

RDH with Bill C. and Frank T.

WNG with Ernie and Ginette


The final scores are very deceiving as they appear to show one boat "easily" sailing to an overall victory and I can attest to the fact that this is not the case at all!

UKL takes a second place finish in the very first race and then scores straight bullets in the next 7 races. However, it was certainly not easy. The Force, in particular,  was right there with us at every turn! They were challenging us for a spot on the starting line and were in front of us at many mark roundings. They really pushed us at all times, which was great. The only way for any of us improve is to go out and be challenged! I can honestly say that Danny K. and I got smoother and more in tune with each other with every race. Having a boat just behind you (or just in front!) really makes you elevate your concentration level. Puffy conditions really make you work the mainsheet hard to keep the boat on its feet.

In the later races, the Fleet really tightened up and there always seemed to be a pack of Mutts at each mark rounding. Downwind was spinnakers fighting to keep their air clear and upwind tacking to cover or maintain clear air. Exactly the stuff you would expect to see on a race course with top level boats.

Saturday breezes ranged from 12 to 16ish. Right at the start of the last race on Saturday, a 20 knot puff rolls thru and tests everyones ability to quickly depower. Lol. Sunday was a little less breeze.

This race is always a blast and certainly held at a perfect venue. Official scores from all races later......along with some more pics.



Bill Cullen with crew Frank Trensch led the pack to, around and back from porjoe Key - a DD&TW tradition.