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Mutineer Fleet History

The formation of Fleets has always been an important means for Mutineer sailors to connect.  In the early days, 1972-1974, somebody (perhaps Chrysler Marine) divided the country into four areas:  Area A - mid-west, Area B - north, Area C - south and Area D - west.  These four areas were further subdivded (i.e. D2).  A group wishing to form a fleet would apply for a charter from the MCA - cost $2.00.  The MCA would approve and send a packet with the following:  Mutineer Constitution, Sample By-laws, Class Racing Rules, Racing Division Information. Latest Rules Changes, Class Measurements, Sample Local Race Schedule & Scoring, Sample Newsletter and a Mutineer Fleet Roster.  A great value for just $2.00!

It appears in 1975 the area divisions were dropped and the MCA went with the Fleet # system.  Charters for Fleet #s 1 through 48 were offered and charters for all but 5 (Fleets 1, 2, 5, 7 and 11) were issued.  That means at one time there were 43 active Mutineer fleets across the country.  Unfortunately we only have 5 active Mutineer fleets today. 

A central organizing unit, the Chrysler National Class Association based in Detroit, Michigan, began fleet organization around 1976 for all Chrysler lines.   A minimum of three boat owners could request and receive a charter.  Click here to see the historic application for fleet charter.

Michigan seems to be the Mutineer fleet hot spot with 6 fleets at one time.

Today the trend is for a fleet to represent a state.  The exception being Fleet #1 which covers several states along the eastern seaboard.

Why not organize a fleet in your state or area?  Three boats and a willingness to have fun is all that is required.  Look through the list below and choose a fleet # that is not an active fleet, preferable a fleet that formally was organized close to you.  Then send our Commodore a note requesting the MCA to recognize your fleet. 


Fleet Location Fleet Captains \ Notes
1 Mid-Atlantic Jim Champange, ACTIVE FLEET
 2 Dallas, TX Charter never issued
3 Hickory, NC Brian Sutton
4 Detroit, MI Buzzy Brown
5 Brooklyn, NY Charter never issued
6 Michigan Dave Rowe, ACTIVE FLEET
7 Dickerson, ND Charter never issued
8 North Palm Beach, FL William Darby
9 Portland, OR Duane Bailey
10 St. Louis, MO Paul Ashland, Phillip Holland - first established 1974
11 Pittsburgh, PA Charter never issued
12 Kent Lake, MI Al Smith, Ralph Holzhauer - first established 1974
13 Fargo, ND Wallace Kapaun
14 Pine Lake, MI Jerry Meach
15 Colorado Charles Wilkinson, Gib Charles, ACTIVE FLEET
16 Stoney Creek, MI Jerry Frig, Bob Starwick
17 Memphis, TN Groves Dinning
18 Florida William Deveer, Jim Davis, ACTIVE FLEET
19 San Antanio, TX John Carter
20 Grass Lake, MI Darian Campbell
21 Minneronko, MN J. W. Lanning
22 San Jose, CA Dick Seaward
23 Lake Tuscaloosa, AL Gene Crafton
24 Crystal Lake, CT Leonard White
25 Brewerton, NY Roger Morton
26 Pewaukee, WI Gene Walenton
27 Midland, MI John Sabourin
28 Pineville, PA Donald Morway
29 Charlotte, NC Ron & Carol Miller
30 Bloomington, IL W. J. Linne
31 Bakersfield, CA Fred Croft
32 Barregat Bay, NJ Erwin Rogoff
33 Boise, ID Richard Caulson
34 Sweet Home Alabama James Carr, Tate Beckham, ACTIVE FLEET
35 Wakeeney, KS Jack Nicholson
36 Meridan, NY Steven Keenan
37 Fresno, CA David Palson
38 Lawrence, KS Rex Bare
39 Chicago, IL Daniel Novich
40 Lake Wylie, NC M. Douglas Gaines
41 Columbia, SC Donald Barr
42 Mundelein, IL Sheldon Factor
43 Sherman Yacht Club, NE Bill French
44 Seabrook, TX Robert Walsh
45 Lake Lanier, GA Joe Stevens
46 Cedar Rapids, IA R. Wendall Baker
47 Viejo, CA Dick Peters
48 Wenarchee, WA Dale Davis