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Lifetime Members of the MCA

At annual meetings of the Mutineer Class Association nominations are accepted for individuals to be conferred as lifetime members of the class.  To date, 6 individuals have been bestowed this honor.

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Kevin attempted to reconstitute the Mutineer Class Association in 1993.  After Chyrsler divested their marine division which included the Mutineer, the class association became defunct.  Kevin owned and actively raced a 1978 Chrysler Mutineer.  He worked at collecting the history of the Mutineer Class Association.  Even though Kevin's attempt ultimately failed, the information he gathered was eventually instrumental in the revival of the class association.  In 1994 Kevin passed all the documents and information he gathered to Al Whitener who attempted and also failed to resurrect the class association.  Al passed this information on to Rey Garza and Gib Charles who were successful. 

Gorden Brookfield

Gordon, while not an aggressive competitor, attended many of the early Mutineer National Championships.  Gordon was always working on ways to improve his Mutineer as evidenced by the "Indestructable" rudder head he made.   Gordon drove many miles attending Mutineer events in order to promote the Mutineer and the Mutineer Class Association.

Rey Garza

Rey Garza conspired with Gib Charles to resurrect the Mutineer Class Association in 2004 and has worked tirelessly to build the class. Early on, Rey was very active on the Mutineer Yahoo Group responding to questions and recruiting new members. Rey made many of the "How-tos" that detail Mutineer upgrades and repairs that are posted on the MCA website and still being used by Mutineer owners today. Rey also has served as Webmaster building the initial foundation of this website. Finally, nobody smokes a better brisket

Ernie French

Carol and I bought our first Mutineer in April of 1976. We attended the Nationals at Lake Carlyle, IL in June of 1976 and won the 22 boat regatta for our 1st National Championship. We repeated again in 1977, 1978, and 1979. Starting in business, having our first child Noah, and finishing a 3 year campaign in the Flying Dutchmen for the 1980 Olympics, we decided to sell our Mutineer. We did not attend the 1980 Mutineer Nationals in Chicago and of course President Carter boycotted us out of the Olympics.

1981 the Mutineer Class offered a free entry fee to anyone traveling over 500 miles as an incentive to get more people to attend and being held on Lake Michigan in Chicago. The gauntlet was thrown down when in the notice of race announcing the free entry offer, a special (this means you Ernie) was included. As we didn’t have a boat I started trying to find one. A couple of guys from another town had a new boat from their old boat was totaled in a wind storm the summer before. They told me they were planning on going to the Nationals, but I could use their old boat, if I could find a mast, rudder, sails, and a trailer. Doing so, I also took a friend to crew who had never sailed before. I think this was the largest gathering as we had 24 boats. We won the regatta again by a comfortable margin, and our friends finished 2nd.

From that point on the Class died until 2002 when Gib Charles and Rey Garza resurrected it via the internet.

We moved to Lexington, NE in 1984 to take over the State Farm Agency and had Johnson Lake just 7 miles south. There was already a good MC Scow Fleet which I jumped into in 1986.
I won the 1988 Nationals at White Bear Lake with 59 boats in attendance. During the 90’s and early 2000’s we raced Santana 23’s as well as MC’s and Laser’s.

Discovering the rebirth of the Class in early 2004, we joined the group at Fort Walton Beach, Florida for the Nationals sailing with Adam Smith and his boat to a second place finish behind Gib.

From that point on we have had years of exciting racing, winning a few, battling for 2nd or 3rd or 6th , and 1 year of me getting a heart stent during the 2014 Championship in Texas.

The next year, Carol and I celebrated our 40th anniversary since our 1st Championship, our 60th birthdays, in winning the 2015 Nationals at Tampa Sailing Squadron in Apollo Beach.  

Greg Reed

Fleet 2 evolved out of the 2011 Mutineer Nationals, which were hosted by the Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) in Grapevine Texas. The event was led by Rey Garza, Chad Harris, who owned the only Mutineer in GSC at that time and David Johnson the GSC Vice Commodore. After getting a chance to sail as crew with Tate Beckham who trailered his Mutineer in from Alabama, Greg Reed, another GSC club member, caught the Mutineer fever and decided to build a fleet in Grapevine Texas. Ray Garza helped Greg get his first boat and with Ray and Chad Harris as his mentors Greg went to work building a fleet one boat at a time.

Since 2011 Greg has owned and upgraded 3 different Mutineers. He has organized and led the local Mutineer Fleet 2 Racing program as Fleet 2 Commodore. Since 2011 he has attended and raced as a Gold Fleet competitor in every Mutineer National Championship except one in 2016.  He has also been the Chairperson for the 2014 and 2018 Mutineer National Championship regattas hosted by Fleet 2 and the Grapevine Sailing club. Greg served as Secretary for MCA Board in 2018 and 2019.

Greg underwent a quadruple bypass in October 2016, a hernia repair in early 2018, and a surgical repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm in the spring of 2019. After every major surgery Greg was able to rehab and compete competitively in the annual MNC Regatta in each of those years.

Greg will be 75 in August of 2020. He has decided to sell his mutineer to someone younger but has still committed to continue as Commodore of Mutineer Fleet 2. He has also volunteered to be the chairperson of the Mutineer 50th Anniversary Party and MNC race in 2021 which is slated to be hosted once again by the Grapevine Sailing Club.

Jim Davis

My Mutineer story starts in 2007 when looking for a dinghy we could easily launch and sail after work in the evenings. I had no previous knowledge of the boat when I went to see it but liked what I saw and bought it on the spot, and immediately started researching the boat. My first findings were early blog articles by Ray Garza showing his repair projects for the basic repairs we all started with to get the boats seaworthy and safe. At that time I was not aware of the national group but wasn’t long till I was looking for other Mutts. Over the next year or so I was installing boat upgrade projects one after the other, but now with the help of the newly found members of the Mutineer 15 national group.

After getting the boat and rigging back to structurally sound, the projects turned to cosmetics and then to making the boat faster. Then it turned to helping others get their boats safe and more competitive. I found Fred in Florida west coast, and Ginette down in the Keys found us! I coaxed Fred to meet in Tuscaloosa for Fleet 13’s Memorial Day event for a couple of years. Neither of us were experienced racers but being on the water with several other Mutts was new to us and great fun. A lot was learned seeing other boats and the comradery grew long distance friendships.

And so it started, perhaps we could help grow the national fleet by finding and encouraging Mutt skippers in Florida to resurrect Fleet 18 (from the 70’s Mutineer racing history in SE Florida). The Florida Mutt scene really started growing as a result of the “Dead Dog-n-Tin Whistles” regatta’s in Key Largo, with Mutt skipper Ginette Hughes at the helm of the event for several years. Mutt skippers and crew from Michigan to Alabama enjoyed the warm January weather. Mentoring from the MCA officers and advisors attending DDTW helped steer our efforts to fleet in Florida. Fleet 18 is now home based at Tampa Sailing Squadron in Apollo Beach, with an awesome group of members teaching folks to sail and race the Mutt.

It’s been fun introducing the Mutineer to skippers (from other boat classes) and event officers at local regattas, both on and off the water. In short time several Florida regatta events listed the Mutineer as an expected class in their regatta invitations.

The MNC events that Margaret and I attended in Alabama, Illinois, Virginia, and Texas and Florida were the most fun for gleaning improvements from other boats, catching up with old friends, meeting new teams, and growing friendships. The mentoring and sailing clinics held at these events really helped us to be better and skipper and crew. And sailing alongside the best skippers will force you to get better! The MCA is fortunate to have actively sailing officers and advisors willing to share their skills and insight to help us improve our boats and sailing whether or not you’re a racer or a casual sailor.

Margaret and I are sailing vicariously via the website posts and your email updates from local events and most recently MNC 2019. We will see you all at MNC 2020 at Apollo Beach!

Jim and Margaret Davis

Past MCA Vice Commodore and now Fleet 18 Cheerleaders