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LMSA Kettle Cup, 4-5 December 2010

Only two Mutts were able to make it to the regatta this weekend to challenge the variables of the passing cold front's winds and weather.

The first race on Saturday was abandoned after a 180* shift. The predicted winds finally settled in for the rest of the day and (2) races-W/L course (twice around). Sunday was roudy after the rain and front passed with winds gusting to 25 in the 2nd and 3rd races.

Since we were not able to muster a fleet with four, the two Mutts sailed in portsmouth planing fleet with an SR Max(81.3), a Raider(87.0), Oday Javelin(111.), and Oday DS-1. While there was no staying with the Max, and couldn't hold off the Raider, we also could not compete with the Javelin's rating, which was sailed well by Byron Hicks of Force 5 fame. So it goes with portsmouth rating racing. The other fleets were San Juan 21, Portsmouth displacement, and Sunfish. We were 3rd on Saturday and 4th for the regatta. But the races were great practice for Key Largo.

We had some good spinnaker work on Saturday, and some near broaches at the offset mark on Sunday with the gusts. One boat lost and retrieved crew at that mark on a near broach.

MissFits held together with no breakdowns or problems. The new cunningham and outhaul upgrades worked great, even making adjustments under load. And the new bailer flushed like a toilet!

Margaret was great sport to stick it out on Sunday hiking out hard all day, and is getting quick on the spinny jibes! All in all a great weekend for a great cause in the Salvation Army.

I hear the Buccs may to add this venue as a potential Winter Nationals next year. Jerry Eller did a great job at LMSA with the sponsorship and co-heading up the regatta, and 34 boats registered, so Kudos to Jerry. I will let Jerry give the report from the s/v "Whiteout" team.

Jim Davis
Orlando FL
MCA 3201