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Mutineer National Championship 2013
Pirates on the Plains
Hosted by Ernie and Carol French
Johnson Lake, Nebraska
July 23 thru 27 2013








Mutineer National Championship 2013
Race Video

Thanks Uwe!




Mutineer National Championship 2013


This was an exceptional regatta.

Ernie and Carol did an outstanding job of organizing and hosting. As much work as they did off the water, it's remarkable they raced with such focus. The last time I tried to organize and host an MNC I came in 4th place.

The weather was fantastic. A bit cool and wet for some, but the winds were stellar. So many times we lose an entire day to too little or too much wind, or spend hours bobbing in the hot sun hoping for a breeze, and afterward you wonder why you spent the time and money to drive out of state. Not this year. The sailing was wonderful. I was grooving on it so much I could have kept sailing for the shear joy of sailing. On top of that was the great competition. Many boats got better every race. Good sparring at the start, at the marks, many tight crossings... all evidence of the Class improving our racing skills. The better any of us get, the more it challenges the rest of us to keep getting better. This really is a life-long learning sport.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip. It was great to reconnect with old friends, and great to meet new ones.

Do we have to wait a year to do it again?!


What a fantastic week of sailing!

Many thanks to our hosts Ernie and Carol French.  They planned and executed this event while at the same time sailing extremely well.  How many meals did we all enjoy at their home?  This was definitely a well organized event that everyone enjoyed.  And how Ernie and Carol got the weather to cooperate is a mystery.  We had mild temperatures and great wind for the entire week.  Only two races were briefly postponed due to thunder in the area, but it quickly moved on and we sailed on.  Thanks to Bob DeRoeck for measuring boats and offering safety and speed tips to our competitors.  Thanks also to Gib Charles and Mike Ruwitch for measuring sails.  And thanks to all the skippers and crews who came and enjoyed a week of sailing and socializing. 

Texas lead the way with five teams.  Greg and Joan Reed are doing a super job growing Fleet 2.  Chad Harris and Ghost Dog sandbagged everyone by showing up after stating that he could not make it this year - nice surprise.  Rich Webb, a very accomplished sailor who grew up sailing with and against Ernie, crewed for Chad.  The remaining Texas teams Uwe and Coleen Hale, Sonny and Kathy Koerber, Randy and Valerie Poison (all husband and wife teams) all performed exceedingly well.  Congratulations Fleet 2! 
Fleet 15, Colorado, had boats 3 boats (one skippered by Bob DeRoeck and crewed by me) on the course.  Gib and Mike had a super regatta as reflected by their first place performance.  Peter Wray and Greg Larson (thanks for loaning us your truck Greg so that we could haul a boat from Colorado) impressed everyone with their sailing skills. 

Charles and Garrett Bell hailing from Missouri always show very well on the race course.  We didn't have any protests, but Brad Osborne's crew, his daughter Jordon, is a lawyer whose services we thankfully didn't require.  We all hope to see Jordon again next year as this was her first time competing.  Sandy Morrison and her patriot crew Dan (who flied from Rhode Island to California) drove all the way from California to join the good times.  Ricardo Casanova and his very light crew Ileana, showed innovation in freeing their mast from the mud.  I don't know what led to the capsize, but it occurred in fairly shallow water resulting in a full turtle with the mast stuck in the mud.  Ricardo realized that if he asked the crash boat to pull with the mast in the mud it was very likely that the mast would break.  So Ricardo dove under his boat and released the rig tension just enough (2 feet I believe) so that the crash boat could gently pull the mast out of the mud without danger of breaking.  Finally, a couple of great Nebraska sailors, Bruce Smith and Gene Hinrichs, filled out the field of competitors. 
Lots of pictures and a couple of videos where shot.  If you have pictures you want to share on our web site, please send them to me at
A few of us had black and blue marks, sore muscles, wind and sun burns, etc. - but what a small price to pay for great Nebraska hospitality and the great sailor's fellowship we all enjoyed. 

Hope to see you in 2014!