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MNC 2010

We have a new Mutineer Champ! Congrats to Dave Chadwick and Kathy Pegion for a great regatta!

We managed to get in one more race today, although the day did not start out promising. Rain, ugly red and yellow blobs on the radar, just sitting on top of Lake Carlyle. The postponement flag was a flyin' (or, lying limply on its flagpole) again. I don't think I've ever seen that flag so much before in all the regattas I've been to! At any rate, it started clearing up, and just as we were resigned to not sailing (we knew that a third mutiny sail just wouldn't work today, with lightning around), we heard that they were ready to get a course ready for us. The boats were already in the water in a show of pure optimism, so once again we trooped to the boats and sailed out to the start line. This time there was enough wind and other boats to actually do three starts on that course. The wind was great getting out to the race course; as we sailed around, though, it started dropping off. The first fleet (Melges 24 & E-scows) were able to start; the second fleet of Flying Scots, Lightnings, MC-scows, and miscellaneous monohulls got started - or, well, the flag came down - and they bobbed gently in place pretty much right on the line. We had kept the start area clear and all of us turned toward the line, but none of us made it over before the horn went off. Ernie told me he'd timed it and one whole minute after the horn blew, he was still sitting only a few feet from the committee boat! It was one of those races where the wind was up, down, and all around. At times there was NO wind at all. The upwind leg turned into a reach, the downwind leg was a reach until about half way, keeping the spinnakers flying was a challenge, especially since we were sharing the course with so many other boats, all competing for that small breath of air! But we finished and the 2010 Mutineer National Championship was completed!

It was a frustrating weekend for sailing but a great weekend for the camaraderie typical of Mutineer gatherings. Jim Davis and Dave Rowe had done a great job getting sponsors and there was quite a bit of swag handed out, including a new spinnaker pole from Nickels. Thanks to Harken, SailCare, SailRite, APS, Kent Sails, Schurr Sails and Nickels for all the really cool stuff. The trophies were beautiful, thanks Jim Davis for the design and follow up! Thanks to Gib Charles for working so hard behind the scenes to make this regatta happen. Gib the matchmaker put together three skippers with crew just in the last two weeks before the regatta: Kathy Pegion with Dave Chadwick, me with Pete Dix, and Brent Mueller with Brad Osborne. We are already looking forward to next year!

Final results:

1st place, Dave Chadwick & Kathy Pegion (2,2,1,1,1=7)
2nd place, Ernie & Carol French (1,1,2,2,3=9)
3rd place, Gib Charles & Phil Pegion (3,4,3,3,2=15)
4th place, Pete Dix & Ginette Hughes (4,5,4,7,4=24)
5th place, Jim & Margaret Davis (6,3,6,4,8=27)
6th place, Martin Casanova & Guillermo Bodnar (5,6,5,5,7=28)
7th place, Brad Osborne & Brent Mueller (8,8,7,6,5=34)
8th place, David Zale & Duane Springer (7,7,8,9,6=37)
9th place, Charles Bell & Chad Harris (9,11,10,8,9=47)
10th place, Ralph Beacham & Larry Mayer (10,10,9,10,10=49)
11th place, Dave Rowe and Lisa Adams (11,9,11,11,11=53)

Click here for a .PDF of the racing results.