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Mutineer Action Movies

Listed below, from the most recent, are links to Mutineer Action Movies taken by Mutineer skippers and crew.  Have you made an action movie you would like to share?  If so, send the link to:  Include a desription and movie making tips (camera, mounts, settings, etc.).

Ty Mcaden and Taylon Starr aboard Muttley show off their sailing skills at MNC 2014 held in Grapevine, Texas.  The weather was near perfect with breeze out of the south at 15-20 mph most days.  Friday morning the wind moderated to 10-15 mph.  Thanks to Ty and Taylon for sharing these great videos!

Out for a tuning session today and strapped a GoPro to the mast.  Some interesting shots.  September 2014.
Jim Davis on Radio Flyer, Dead Dogs and Tin Whistles, January 2014.  My first Go Pro video (where I see the camera needs to be mounted higher in the boat). Race 1 on Sunday where a delayed starting sequence for the Mutineers put us at the 1st mark with the Buccaneers on their 3rd leg.
Randal Polson sailing on Lake Grapevine, Texas, December 2013.
Sailing solo in a Mutineer 15 in Lake Geneva on July 13th,2013.  Who is jcwbay?
2013 Mutineer 15 Nationals Race #3, July 23-27 2013, by Uwe Hale:
The GoPro has several different video settings.  I mostly use R3 which is 720p @ 60 fps.  The 60fps gives you smooth motion.  At 30fps, it can get choppy and even make you seasick while watching.  R4 takes up lots of space and R5 (1080P) reduces the angle from 170 to 127 degrees.  So for most youtube action shots, R3 is great.  Check your model since the setting labels might be different but look in your manual for 720p @ 60fps.  I use 32GB memory cards and that is good for about 2-3 hours of video at R3.  About the same time as two batteries will last running continuously.  I use the expanded battery pack/charger accessory After that it's a matter of editing.  I have Adobe Premier which I've used for some vacation films with lots of fancy titles and effects.  But most of the stuff I have on youtube was done quickly with moviemaker that comes with Windows.  I've also started playing around with (free) Kdenlive on Ubuntu Linux.


Colleen Hale racing her Mutineer 15 in the Couples Race, Lake Grapevine, June 2012.

Testing out my new camera mount on Lake Meridian. It was a great sailing day sunny, with temps in the 70's and a decent breeze around 10 mph. Look for a longer video with a single handed spinnaker set coming soon.
Uwe Hale singlehanding his Mutineer 15 at Grapevine Lake  from launch to sail to sunset, January 2012.
Teloop, July 20122, sailing my 15 foot chrysler mutineer on Lake Mercer. 8 knots of wind, 5 knots of boat speed. The video is shot by me using a Kodak Playsport Video Camera. There were gusts that were strong, so I had to furl the jib in order to not go over. I was alone, and I just got my new Ruddercraft rudder and tiller, and I do not have a tiller extension yet.  Who is Teloop?
Mutineer 15 Sailing, nice family sailing video with soundtrack, August 2011.
Mutineer and Buccaneer sailing at Charbonneau Park on Lake Sacajawea on July 8-11, 2011.
Mutineer 15 Masthead Cam on Firefly.  A fun video shot from a camera mounted on the masthead of my Mutineer 15 sailboat.

Pacific NW Mutineer & Buccaneer sail on Lake Washington in Seattle from Atlantic City Launch to Coulon Park in Renton on September 10, 2011. Perfect day for sailing sunny, temps in the high 80's and winds from the north at 10mph.
Sailing with my two daughters and put out the spinnaker. Trying not to fall over.  June 2011.
MNC 2010 - Racing without sail windows.  Recorded by Chad with his hatcam, September 2010.

Sailing on Grapevine Lake, this is what it looks like when your rudder is about to break and your rudderhead explode!  My sister was taking the video (look at the poop eating grins) Chad, June 2010.
Mutineer 15 at ALSC April 2010 Races Sailboat races from the American Lake Sailing Club that took place on April 28, 2010. Shot from my Mutineer 15 "Firefly" with Kodak Playsport camera. 
Some pictures of the upgrades I've made on my 1975 Mutineer sailboat.  Bought it in August this year, after a capsize on the maiden voyage it wasn't quite as seaworthy as it needed to be so the upgrades were done now instead of this winter. The video footage is at Johnson Lake near Lexington, Nebraska.
Mutineer recruitment video - Join the Insurrection.