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40 Years of Mutineer Marketing

The first picture of a Mutineer released in August 1971 with the offical Press Release introducing the Mutineer.  The man in the plaid shirt is Dick Gibbs co-designer.  The man with no shirt on is Roy Bacon who was Chrysler Marine’s sailboat sales manager.


The following pictures and brochures were used to market the Mutineer over the years, starting with the 1971 Chrysler advertisement above through current Nickels' marketing material.  So sit back and take a scroll down memory lane.


This is the Chrysler press release introducing the Mutineer from August 1971.






The year of these Boat Show Specials cannot be confirmed.  Estimate early to mid-seventies.  Back to top.

Very early Mutineer sporting a mahogany rudder head.  Back to top.

Page from a 1971 Mutineer manual.  Back to top.


Page from a 1971 manual.  Back to top.


Sail number 17 first seen in the first 1971 ad is again featured in this 1972 ad.  Looks like a full boat.  Back to top.



1972 ad featuring the Mutineer (sail number 17 again, looks like 6 bodies in the cockpit), the Buccaneer and the Man 'O War.  Back to top.


Number 17 makes yet another appearance in this ad from 1973.  In the bottom right photo Roy is helming, Dick is trimming spinnaker. 


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Another 1973 Ad, lower left Roy is hiking and Dick is at the helm.  Back to top.

Mutineer Ad from 1977.  This ad features 3 new photos and one from 1973 with Roy and Dick.  Here is the text:

Source: Chrysler Brochure, 1977

GENERAL: The innovative 15' sloop that's in a class all her own for comfort and handling ease. The all-round fun boat/daysailer for families, couples or individuals. Her exceptionally wide beam (as big as many 18-footers) and spacious 7' cockpit make it easy for her to carry a large crew, yet sail on her proper lines. Because of her size, stability and sail- reducing capabilities, she also makes an excellent trainer.

Mutineer feels every wisp of breeze; sails close to the wind on her main alone or on just a jib in heavy air. With almost effortless control she moves easly through the water with very little wake or displacement.

STANDARD: Roller-furling 4-oz. Dacron jib you can reef from the cockpit. Molded-in textured seats. Skid-resistant deck and flooring. Foil-shape centerboard with low trunk for extra "people room." Foam flotation under sides, foredeck and in aluminum spars. Twin suction bailers. Adjustable foil-shape rudder. Pivoting tiller extension. Stainless standing rigging. Race-type hardware. Dacron running rigging. 4-batten, 4-oz. Dacron mainsail with mid-boom sheeting. Plenty of dry storage.

OPTIONS: Spinnaker with full gear. Olympic-type foredeck spinnaker launcher. Boom vang. Boat cover. Outboard bracket. Jib barber haulers. Hiking straps. Waterline stripe. Chrysler S-700 trailer.

Custom-Mated Sailboat Trailers: Chrysler trailers are custom designed to cradle your new Dagger, Pirateer, Buccaneer, Mutineer, Chrysler 22 or Chrysler 26 sailboat best, with no need for local make-do revisions. You can be sure they'll provide the most efficient support for your boat with full strength, protection and durability from bow to stern, whether stored or towed over rough terrain. Save on dockage and storage fees--and make your fun more mobile--with a full-quality Chrysler Custom-Mated Trailer. Ask your dealer for a free Chrysler Trailer Catalog.


  • Designer: Rod Macalpine-Downey
  • LOA: 15'0"
  • LWL: 14'1"
  • Beam: 6'0"
  • Displacement: 410 lbs.
  • Draft: CB up 8", CB down 4'1"
  • Sail area(sq.ft.): Total--150, Main--100, Jib--50, Spinnaker--166
  • Mast Length: 21'8"
  • Capacity: 4
  • Recommended Outboards: 4 to 5 hp.
  • Colors: Yellow or green hull with white deck
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1979 ad featuring the Mutineer Champion Edition.  This Mutineer included the following features: Harken blocks, Inboard jib sheeting, Wide teak centerboard console, Deck mounted forestay, Elvstrom self-bailers, Performance roller-furling jib system, Waterline striping, Reinforced rudder, Reinforced centerboard, and a new Performance Harken spinnaker launcher optional.  Back to top.


1980 Chrysler ad showing the sealed cuddy storage area that went into effect in 1979.”.  Back to top.


1981 Texas Marine International (TMI) added color to their sails.  Did sales increase as a result?  The Mutineer is in the middle, sail number 4641.  Click here to see the original TMI Mutineer manual.   Back to top.

1981 Texas Marine International (TMI).  Click here to see the original TMI Mutineer manual.  Back to top.

A 1982 Wellcraft Ad initiating their attempt to rename the Mutineer to Starwind 15.  They also renamed the Buccaneer to the Starwind 18.  Back to top.

Gloucester Mutineer 1985.  Back to top.

Gloucester price listed dated August 1984.  Back to top.

Cardinal Mutineer ad from 1986 - were any built?  The boat in the photos is the same as the Gloucester ad.  Harry Sindle was a manager at Gloucester Yachts and owner of Cardinal Yachts.  The woman at the helm is Harry Sindle's daughter.  Back to top.

Nickels Boat Works, 2010 brochure.  Back to top.

Nickels Boat Works.  Back to top.

Nickels Boat Works.  Back to top.

Nickels Boat works.  Back to top.

Nickels Boat Works.  Back to top.

The Nickels Mutineer 15

The Nickels Mutineer 15 represents a complete rebuild of the innovative 1971 design developed by Rod MacAlpine-Downie and Dick Gibbs. The Nickels Mutineer 15 is the first new Mutineer seen since the early 1980’s and the first to demonstrate the high quality and superior workmanship of Nickels Boat Works. Originally introduced by Chrysler as a beginner’s daysailer this sailboat, with its roller furling and spinnaker launcher, provides sailors with the excitement and challenge of skippering a truly responsive boat. Designed to be comfortably sailed by four adults the Mutineer 15 can be easily handled by a racing crew of two and single-handed single handed by the intermediate sailor.

The Nickels Mutineer 15 comes fully equipped. The boomvang, cunningham and jib uphaul system provide a full array of sail shaping tools. The fully sealed air tanks and positive floatation provide the safety expected in a Nickels sailboat. Neil Pryde has been chosen to provide sails for the Nickels Mutineer with their high quality sails (North, Quantum, Shurr, and Vermont Sail Sailing Partners sails are also available). Ronstan hardware has been used extensively to provide smooth operation of many of the sail handling operations with Harken hardware for other operations. Adjustable side stays are standard on the Nickels Mutineer.

The Nickels Mutineer 15 starts at $9995.00

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2011 Nickels Brouchure   2011 Nickels Price List