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Mutineer National Championship 2012
Ware River Rumble
Hosted by the Ware River Yacht Club
Gloucester, Virginia
August 1 thru 5, 2012

The venue.


The race area.

Local wildlife.

Setting up.

Calm before the race.

Race committee ready to go.

 Scott and Billy - Ready to Rumble.

004 Ready to Rumble.

A Moth up on her foils - fast!

A Moth lifting off.

Martin and Lisa sailed a great regatta.

The smiles say it all.

Jim and Noah aboard Scallywag.

Check your rudder angle Jim!

Rigging RJ, preparing to Rumble.

Shooting the breeze between races.

Relaxing between races.

Where did they get those hats?

Justin and Brett on Wild Thing!

Brett and Justin on Wild Thing - lake boat.

"I've got the Chicken Legs!  Have you looked at yours!?!

Gib demanding that the awards be presented!

Jim and Noah - Sixth place.

Justin and Brett - Fifth Place

Special Equipment Award goes to the Wild Thing team.

Scot and Billy - Fourth place.

Martin and Lisa - Third place (Blurry because they went so fast).

Gib and Jerry - Second place.

The Champions - Ernie and Carol.

The Mutineer National Champions with their trophy.

Good sailors, good times.


See you in 2013.